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Institutional Commitment

A positive attitude toward your college or university

Students enroll in college for lots of different reasons. According to a recent national survey, the vast majority of students enroll in college to get a better job or ensure future financial success.


While you may be focused on your current classes, your major, and - eventually - that job, don’t forget that your college or university is here to help. College provides a host of benefits beyond just getting a degree. Make sure to ask, pursue, and enjoy those opportunities while you can.

I'm going to college. I don't care if it ruins my career. 
I'd rather be smart than a movie star.

Natalie Portman

How can I improve my Institutional Commitment?

Resources at EPCC

  • Campus Life provides activities throughout the academic year. These activities are intended to motivate and increase student understanding of arts, athletics, culture, current events, and the community; and most of all, enjoyment. These experiences are provided to the students through special programs, art exhibits, lecture series, films, and much more.​

  • The Intramural Sports Program provides a comprehensive quality program of recreational sports and activities designed to meet the diverse needs and interests of students, faculty, and staff members of El Paso Community College.

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